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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does each therapy session take?

The length of the session depends on the needs of the client. This can range from 45 to 55 minutes. 

What approach do you use?

Each clinician uses evidence-based person-centered theroetical approaches to meet each client's individual needs. 

What can I expect?

It is encouraged that you schedule a video or phone consultation in order to determine if the clinician is a good fit.  You may also choose to schedule an initial appointment. Once the initial appointment is schedule you will receive intake documents via the client portal. A credit card is required in order to book the appointment and auto-payment is the standard. 
The first session will be focused on information gathering including attaining a history and reasons for seeking services. Following this, you will work collaboratively with your clinician to decide what would be the best approach to help you meet your goals.

What happens if I miss a session?

Attending therapy is a commitment to yourself and time has been set aside for you in order to be able to help you. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have a late cancellation or do not attend your appointment there is a $75 fee. If an appointment is cancelled prior to this timeframe or it is due to an emergency the cancellation fee will be waived.

Can I be somewhere other than my home for a telehealth session?

There are certain rules that must be followed when engaging in tele-health. You physically have to be located in the state where your clinician is licensed or permitted to practice (unless otherwise indicated by an executive order or emergency protocol). You do not need to be at your home but you must let you clinician know where are you located and provide the address, this is for your safety in case you experience an emergency during your session. You also want to make sure that you are in a private space with minimal distractions. 

Can I use my insurance for services? 

The vast majority of insurance companies cover mental health services. However, this is based on medical necessity. If after the consultation or the initial session it is determined that there is not a medical necessity,  insurance will not cover services. We do our best to keep informed every step of the process. We verify your insurance prior to initiating services, however, we encourage you to call you insurance as well. 

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